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Champ, The Best Bad Pony

March 7, 2015
Rachel Larsen

Champ 1993-2014 Champ joined our family, as a four-year-old, with a trailer load of fellow Shetland/thoroughbred-cross ponies from Bozeman, Montana. Four ponies; buckskin, bay, black, and gray. We found new homes for them all, except for Champ the bay.  He became my younger brother’s home school project. My brother and Champ’s relationship started off on the wrong […]

Groundwork with Buck Brannaman

March 5, 2015
Jenn Zeller

In a previous post I wrote about doing groundwork, and why I believe it’s important. I’m often by myself around here though, and as such, it’s hard to get good video showing how to do it, plus I’m not nearly as good as some other folks when it comes to doing groundwork. So I figured […]


March 3, 2015
Jan Swan Wood

Handling bulls of any sort can usually be a bit risky, simply because they are bulls. Even a very gentle bull can surprise you with some sudden move, so they always bear watching. I was trailing a bull several miles across country, returning him to his cows. He had gone on a walkabout tour of […]

Take Our Cavvy Savvy Survey and Enter to Win Stetson Apparel and Boots

March 2, 2015
Jessie Salter

Take our survey and enter to win Stetson Apparel and Boots!!!! Cavvy Savvy would like to hear from you! We want to know more about you, what you like about us, and what we can do better. We are a sister company to Tri-State Livestock News and our goal is to provide information on all […]

Unusual Uses for Your Horse

March 2, 2015
Rachel Larsen

  #1. Teaching your milk cow to lead (this is an expirimental process, results may vary). How many unusual uses do you have for your horse?

A Mad Mama Cow

February 26, 2015
Jenn Zeller

I’ve heard it said that you don’t know what true fear is until you’ve been chased down by a mad mama cow. I do know, however, that according to the boys, most of the time they’re just bluffing. My experience, so far, has been that most of the time, the mama cows ARE bluffing. A […]

Sell Horses on Cavvy Savvy

February 24, 2015
Jessie Salter

Cavvy Savvy isn’t just a great place to talk horses, we are now a great place to SELL horses! If you have a performance horse, working horse, or prospect for sale, send an email to classifieds@tsln-fre.com Not only will your ad be showcased on Cavvy Savvy as a “Featured Horse” post, but it will also […]

Tips for First-Time Horse Owners

February 24, 2015
Jenn Zeller

I was a HORSE crazy kid. Just ask my parents. At age 4 I started begging for a horse. I got a riding lesson here or there, and a week or two at summer camp with my aunt, who grew up on a ranch and took us riding the “dude string” horses, but that was […]

Featured Horse For Sale: CLS Famous Pumpkin-SOLD

February 23, 2015
Sales Staff

CLS Famous Pumpkin: 2009 AQHA Dash Ta Fame Gelding  Pumpkin is a 1D barrel horse that has also been used extensively on a N​ew M​exico​ ranch. He has been doctoring cattle, ridden long miles, calved and branded on. Pumpkin has also been heeled on quite a bit.  Pumpkin is well-broke and light, does just whatever […]

The Colt Cam: Roping the Feet Part 1

February 19, 2015
Jenn Zeller

I know that there are people reading this that have no experience in handling a rope, but I’m here to tell you it behooves you to get on board and learn to use one — even if you’ll never rope a live bovine. We rope the feet of all our horses. There are several reasons […]