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Historical Horseback Tragedies at Clareton

April 14, 2020
Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

“News-Journal July 03, 1919 – If you are looking for a good time attend the dance at the”Townsend” hall near Wild Cat the evening of July 4th!” That item from the Newcastle, WY newspaper probably brought a lot of riders across hot prairie trails in the cool of the evening for festivities at a location […]

Agitated Angus

April 12, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

Back in the very early 80s I was working for an old couple one spring calving cows and heifers. It was a cold, dry spring, and I don’t recall that it rained one time while I was there through calving and branding season. But it was cold and the wind blew most of the time, […]

Social Distancing To-Do List

April 7, 2020
Lynn Kohr

Our family is a busy family, and especially this time of year. Normally we would be attending High School Rodeos, College Rodeos, Barrel Futurities, and Ropings. However, like everyone else, we are doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19  and sticking close to home. This is a great time for us to catch […]

Cowgirl Weather Forecast

April 5, 2020
Jolyn Young

It is officially spring, and the extended forecast calls for continued mass hysteria all across the nation. The main storm centers are New York and California (aren’t they always?) with large quantities of storm clouds also originating from Washington state. Washington D.C. is trying to curb the potentially devastating financial impact of the storm, but […]

Joe Wolter Online Learning Opportunity

April 3, 2020
Savanna Simmons

Joe Wolter is right up there among my favorite of clinicians. He’s awfully down-to-earth and kind while still able to poignantly deliver a message or lesson. He has been able to help me in some of my biggest sticking points with horses over the years, and, if you’ve seen him ride, you know how animated […]

Respect is Always Right with Horses

April 1, 2020
Lynn Kohr

Respect is always right and everything we do with our horse matters. Have you ever been in a hurry? Maybe you’ve caught your horse without waiting for your horse to respectfully turn, face and walk towards you?  Then you drag your horse to the trailer instead of leading him lightly? Then you load him and maybe […]

Children’s Ag School Resources

March 30, 2020
Savanna Simmons

I’ve witnessed a wonderful occurrence across Facebook and the internet as schools began closing their doors: online school resources for children. Coloring pages, learning apps that usually cost, virtual zoo and park tours and lives all became available to entertain and teach our children. I’ve been doing the suggested school work with my children, but my […]

Cowkids in the Garden

March 29, 2020
Jolyn Young

My kids love to help me in the garden. Even in the off season, we like to spend time in my little fenced plot between the horse pen and the wood pile. All three kids have child-sized trowels and gloves. We added a Tonka dump truck, miniature wheelbarrow, little red wagon, assorted tin cans, and […]

Cowboys: a Documentary Portrait Online Streaming

March 27, 2020
Savanna Simmons

I’m such a proponent of Cowboys: a Documentary Portrait by Bud Force and John Langmore! I’ve seen it in theaters twice now, and I’ve been awaiting (anxiously) the DVD release, and we’ve been offered a treat this weekend only during this COVID lockdown. No going to the theater this weekend. Instead, grill some steaks, have a lovely […]

Race Horse to Ranch Horse: Part 1

March 26, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

On a trip to California we visited some folks that managed a breeding barn that stood a really good, speed bred, AAAT race horse stud. At that farm, they had a daughter of this stud that was, to me, the epitome of all that a horse should look like. You know that picture we all […]