Catching Horses

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Aside from our devotion to morning coffee, we aren’t big on rituals around our outfit.  However there is one simple ceremony we practice on a regular basis.  We catch and halter each and every saddle horse in the corral to lead them out the gate at the end of the day.  Whether they’ve been ridden or not,  no horse leaves the corral for the pasture without being handled.  Outside horses (i.e. horses that we are riding for others) and young horses benefit from the routine,  while older horses stand by the gate so willing to be caught that on occasion they create an added obstacle to the task.  This simple act solidifies good ground manners.  In our opinion, good ground manners are the keystone to our safety when working with these lovely beasts.

We’ve seen such a positive shift in the behavior of our own horses since we instituted this practice years ago, that we take it with us wherever we go.  When setting foot on a new outfit, catching horses is a good tool for developing a sense of the remuda.  Now that we’ve returned to familiar country, catching horses has become competitive.  Whose horses are most well-behaved, my brother’s or ours?  We may need a more objective judge, because I think we’re the clear winners.

Horses in the Stockade Corrals, 2014

Posted in: Horse Training, Ranch Life

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