Calgary Barrel Racing Top Money Winners

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Wonders Cowboy Dan, Kaley Bass $115,500  -00 gr. g.Wonders Pal-Jackie Cowgirl Bar, Cowboy Dans Bar

2 Crickets Peppy Zan, Jean Winters $32,000  -02 sor. g. Zan Parr Cricket-Georges Bay Miss, Ceaser Reed

3 Flos Heiress, Fallon Taylor $28,000  -06 sor. m. Dr Nick Bar-Flowers And Money, On TheMoney Red

4 Kisskiss Bangbang, Brittany Pozzi $20,300  –10 sor. f. Dash Ta Fame-Cd Nick Bar, Dr Nick Bar

5 Dasher Dude, Britany Diaz $18,000  –00 blk. m.Texas High Dasher-April Dell Dude, Poco Dell Dude

6 Flit N Fizz, Nancy Hunter $14,800  –00 sor. g. Dr Nick Bar-Sting It, Power Train

7 Mp Meter My Hay, Sherry Cervi $14,800 –02 pal. m. Pc Frenchmans Hayday-Miss Meter Jet, Bar Tonto Jet

8 Slick By Design, Michele McLeod $14,300   –07 blk. stud Designer Red-Dreams Of Blue, Dream On Dancer

9 Judge My Fame, Brenda Mays $11,000  –03 sor. m. Dash Ta Fame-Flashy Cashy Cat, Judge Cash

10 Perculatin, Mary Walker $10,800  –04 b. g. Dash For Perks-Curiocity Corners, Silver Lucky Buck

11 A Streak Of Rita,Trula Churchill $9,500  –05 bluro. g. A Streak Of Fling-Jetta Rita,Very Sharp

12 Dash Ta Vanila & Fast An Gold, Lisa Lockhart $9,050  –Vanila, 05 pal. m. Dash Ta Fame-Sx Frenchmans Vanila, Frenchmans Guy  –Chisum, 98 ch. g. El Roco-Romanna Glass, Raise Your Glass

13 Vegaspeed, Kim Schulze $7,500  –02 sor. g. Frenchmans Vegas-Crystal Philly, Doctor Greyboy

14 Dash Ta Freedom, Jana Bean $7,000  –02 ch. g. Dash Ta Fame-Accusatory, Runaway Winner

15 HonorThy Frenchman,Taylor Jacob $6,750  –05 bu. g. Frenchmans Feature-Honey Ofa Jet, Jet Of Honor

16 Shot Of Firewater, Gretchen Benbenek $6,000  –03 b. g. Firem Jet-Miss Willie Ada, Docs Quix Trix

17 Crime Dreamer, Sabrina Ketcham $3,000  –06 b. m. Crimewave-Gamblers Dreams, Raise The Gamble

18 Smartie, Kirsty White $1,500 

Some people rode different horses in rounds but these were the horses they won money with.

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