Calf Branding

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It’s the time of year when ranchers in many western states are calf branding. And here in Armstrong County we are in the thick of things. Monday we headed to the neighbor to help him for the second time. Five Hundred some odd pairs later, we finished. Things did get a little western when we gathered and let out the second bunch, and my big yellow horse got to show me how fast he can run across a pasture (which, by the way, is FAST), but we finally got the calves slowed down, and the herd settled. This weekend, I’m skipping two brandings to go ride with Buck Brannaman. I must really like to ride with Buck. Nonetheless, here are some of the images from Monday.

calf branding, hobbled horse, sunny day, ranching, ranch life, western

calf branding, calf, ranching, ranch life

calf branding, calf, brockle faced calf, ranching, ranchlife

calf branding, dragging a calf to the fire, western, cowboy, ranching, ranch life

the details, calf branding, ranch life, ranching, cowboy, american west

At the first calf branding, I ran around with two vaccine guns. A this one, I got to run around with my camera, and a Z-Tagger, that I used only on the heifers.  I carried my two year old nephew with me to tag the last dozen or so heifers. That will give a gal a good leg work out I tell you!

Have you branded calves where you live? Have you ever wanted to come to a calf branding but don’t know any ranchers? Make sure you visit our ranch website, so you can book a horsemanship experience, and come visit!

Happy Trails!

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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