Buckaroo Style Roping

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This isn’t a style of roping often practiced here on the plains of South Dakota. In fact since I’ve lived here, I only know of a few other outfits in the entire state that rope this way when they’re branding calves. We hold a special branding for purposes of keeping the art alive. It’s an art, it’s fun and it makes your horses (and you) really handy! In roping this style, you typically use an extra soft poly that’s 50-60 feet long. As a former breakaway roper, I’ll tell you — it takes some getting used to — having all those coils in your hand!

Below is a video of a winter roping at Buck Brannaman’s Ranch. At about 4:21 – Buck Brannaman makes his appearance and there is an absolutely artful heel shot thrown! If you’ve never seen this kind of roping, you’re in for a real treat!

Here, you can see slow-motion video of a particular shot that is used at this style of roping:

Happy Trails!

Posted in: Horse Training, Ranch Life

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