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I’ve been friends with Jessica for a few years now. I was immediately drawn to her incredible artwork, and I’ve even used it on a few of my kids’ T-shirts, with Jessica’s permission, so naturally, I’m pretty excited about this next step for Jessica. She adds to the market a lot of buckaroo feel that doesn’t really exist in the western fashion world. Check out the neat, unique items at Tapadero Annie’s!

Tapadero Annie’sHi! My name is Jessica Casteel. Along with my husband Travis, and our two kiddos Haddie Ann and Tapadero, we are located East of Vale, SD, where we ranch on a third-generation ranch, the TC Outfit. The TC Outfit lies alongside the Belle Fourche river and was established in 1910 by Travis’s great grandfather, Thomas Casteel.

As a stay at home mom with a preemie baby, this winter became taxing and I found myself needing an outlet for cabin fever. I have always been a person who likes to draw, create, and craft, and after a couple years of folks asking me to do something with my doodles other than scratch on a piece of scrap paper, Tapadero Annie’s was created.

Tapadero Annie’s

The name, of course, was inspired by the love of our two kiddos, Tapadero Thomas and Haddie Ann. The style inspiration comes from our style of living and my husband who for many years, was a mystery to me in how he carries himself and handles cattle and horses. My dream for Tapadero Annie’s is to bring a different style of tee to the ‘graphic tee world’, a more cowboy design per say, verses the great western styled tees that are already on the market.

You’ll see designs of different types of saddles, chuckwagons, spurs, cowboy characters and other cowboy things! Along with the tees, each shop update I will make up a handful of other accessories like simple leather and turquoise layering necklaces, paired with Alamar knot earrings, and fun vinyl cosmetic type bags made from vintage cowboy fabric sewed up by me!

Tapadero Annie’s

The tees I am offering are on a pre-order type basis, I will publish a handful of new designs on the 6th of every month and the orders will close the 16th and to you by the end of the month! The tees that will be available are Unisex Crew Neck, Unisex V-Neck, and a Women’s Slouchy Tee all Triblend style tees by the brand Bella Canvas. These tees are available in Heather Grey, Oatmeal/White Fleck, and White, and will be printed with a Direct to Garment printing style where the ink goes directly on the material. You can find all items at www.tapaderoannie’s.com

Tapadero Annie’s
May Shop Update is May 6th.

Photos courtesy of Jodie B. Photography, Jodie Baxendale


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