Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi and Conquer Equine

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Brittany and Garrett Tonozzi are the team behind Conquer Equine. A cowboy or cowgirl’s career can be made by a good horse. With the competition being so tough, competitors want to do everything they can to help their horses stay conditioned and recover from injury faster.   2-Time World Champion Barrel Racer, Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi knows how to do exactly that. When you’ve had horses win at every level and you travel down the road as hard as she does, it takes a lot to keep horses feeling their best. I was able to ask Brittany a couple questions about their new facility it Texas.

conquer equine

JS: What made you decide to build a facility like Conquer Equine?

BP: I have always wanted to start a rehab, but never took the time to stop rodeoing long enough to do it. I also didn’t feel like I had a good location or the people to run it properly. When we moved to Lampasas, right off of hwy 281, I would see horses trailer after horse trailer go by and I knew it was the perfect spot.  In 2020 I did 13 surgery’s on various horses with all different types of injuries and I knew I needed to do something different in my program. I had become good friends with Codi McCorckle who was at the time working at a different rehab facility. We came up with a plan to make our facility a premier place in the industry. Under her guidance every horse is closely watched and receives the very best care in conditioning and rehabilitation. It is truly amazing how strong and quickly horses can come back from injury or surgery with the proper tools and knowledge that we offer.

JS: What equine therapies do you offer?

BP: At Conquer we are a full care rehab and conditioning facility that also offers short and long term full care board. We have a Nautilus Wave aqua treadmill for underwater treadmill work, an incline treadmill, an 8 horse priefert walker, theraplate, Bemer blanket, flexineb breathing treatments, acuscope treatments, Smart RLT laser treatments, and cold saltwater spa. We have farrier services available for basic and corrective shoeing and veterinarians visiting in house to provide lameness evaluations and treatments as well. We mostly specialize in soft tissue rehab, post operative and wound care, and conditioning.
conquer equine

JS: Do the majority of horses usually stay with you for long periods of time, or do you also offer haul in services by the day?

BP: The average horse typically stays 30 days, but we also have several short term conditioning stays that come for race prep and conditioning during poor riding conditions. We also offer haul in services for all of our modalities.

JS: For your personal horses, which therapies are your favorites to use when they are home for short periods?

BP: When my horses come home I like to take advantage of the cold saltwater spa for recovery and the acuscope and smart Rlt for treatments and soreness to get them feeling their best for our next runs.
conquer equine

conquer equine

To learn more about Conquer Equine you can visit their webpage at or check out their FaceBook page for updates.

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