Bridling 101

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Bridling your horse can be trying for some, and if not done thoughtfully at the start of your horse’s riding career, he can learn to fuss and your life might be difficult. In the video below I’ll show you one way to thoughtfully bridle you horse. There will be at least one more video in this series, showing you another way. The underlying theme to how and why we do things the way we do them here, is that we want our horse to be a willing partner, and we want him to help us. We are also not going to be rude and do things that he might find uncomfortable in the process. Further, we want to stay safe and we want our horse to stay safe so no matter what sort of bit-rein-set-up you use, the principles are the same.  There are a few ways you can get this done, depending upon where you and your horse are in this journey called horsemanship. This is one of two videos I’ve made for you.

In case anyone is wondering, Avie is about 15.3 and I’m about 5’1″, so yes, I look like a midget. My personal cavvy contains quite a few huge horses.  I honestly don’t know how that happened.

Please feel free to comment with questions. I hope this video was helpful.

Happy Trails!

Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Training, Ranch Life

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