Branding Yahtzee

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I’ve heard the word Yahtzee yelled across many branding traps the past few months, it’s the interjection of choice for this branding season I guess. I never played Yahtzee as a kid so I decided to google the rules and I discovered that you yell yahtzee when you roll all the same number on the dice. Translated into branding lingo, you yell it when that loop leaves your hand and you know you are going to catch, and then wammo you did!

I love a good branding, and what makes a good branding to me is a good crew, the right amount of calves to brand, no wrecks, and some healthy bantering. I have been ranching my a$$ off as of late or else I would be a little more religious in my Cavvy Savvy posting. But since I only have a short date with wifi and a handful of cool branding shots I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to through photos rather than ramblings. You’ll get the ramblings  too eventually, trust me I’ve got some stories. If you follow Cavvy Savvy on Instagram you may have seen a few of these already and and if not….. you should go do it now!_MG_4408


I thought this little series of sticking two like a boss was a pretty fun one to share!





He was not smiling for me I can tell you that much.


Pull that slack!!


Ground crew shenanigans


Just to prove I wasn’t taking pictures the whole time I was supposed to be working the ground.


Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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