Big, Bad Bucking Horses

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If the title of this post hadn’t given it away, you might not guess the friendly horses pictured below are actually bucking horses.  These photos were taken on January 1st, the day before a big WSRRA sanctioned stock saddle bronc riding in Torrington, Wyoming.  My son was playing on the ice in the horse pasture, when somebody decided to check him out.

Plain Jane, the friendliest mare in the bunch, and her cohorts were raised by my father-in-law and his wife, Wayne and Jodi Larsen in Chugwater, Wyoming.  As Bad Medicine Rodeo, Wayne has been hauling broncs to rodeos across Nebraska and Wyoming for over twenty years.

Family or not, I believe Bad Medicine bronc’s are exceptional.  They’re bred to buck, of course.  They are exceptional, because Wayne and Jodi invest countless hours of time and effort in their young horses, desensitizing them to the sights and sounds of the rodeo arena long before they haul them competitively.  The result is a safer rodeo experience for broncs and riders alike.  As well as, sweet moments like these captured below.

You can learn more about Wayne and Jodi’s horses, as well as their upcoming rodeos, via their Facebook page: Bad Medicine Rodeo Stock.


Posted in: Featured, Rodeo

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