Barrel Racing Jackpot Production

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The first thing you need to do when producing a barrel racing jackpot is to decide on the contestant base you are targeting. Are you picturing a local group with mixed ages that are recreational racers? Do you have a semi-professional range of riders that may travel some and have competitive 1D open horses? Is a professional level jackpot where you want to gear your event with 1D open racers and maybe some futurity horses? Will you want to provide a place for youth to run? Once you have these
questions determined, it is easier to fill in the outline of an appropriate event. At Kohr Quarter Horses we have been producing events for many years, from large professional productions to small youth events.

If you envision a mixed recreational group with youth riders, an open 4D with divisional time splits of half, half whole second splits would be appropriate. Having a youth divisional race is a great way to give a place for kids to run, as is having a peewee category, encouraging the very young racers to try out barrel racing. With this targeted group, keeping fees and costs down is important and making your schedule family friendly is helpful.

Maybe your group is recreational with some semi-professional barrel racers that are accustomed to traveling a little way from home to compete. They might have multiple horses to enter and at multiple levels. An open 4D is again appropriate but maybe with the divisions (especially at indoor arenas) all half second splits. You might entertain side pots to encourage more participation such as a senior side pot or a youth side pot? Again, keeping fees reasonable is important. This group may be more used to traveling, allowing the producer an earlier start time.

barrel racing jackpot

If you are looking to produce the highest level of competitive barrel racing, having additional money (above the usual entry fees) is a great idea and adding awards to the event, makes it attractive for prospective contestants. At these events having ample exhibition times is not only a courtesy, it a good way to manage your ground, protecting it from too many runs in one
area plus it helps generate some income to help pay for facility rentals.

barrel racing jackpot

Good advice for any barrel racing jackpot is to be organized: post your schedule (start times, open arena times, and office times), have your ground worked to the best of your ability and keep happy help!

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