Barn or Tack Room Makeover: Part 2 — Get organized

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Here are some tips for organizing horse tack and your barn or tack room ahead of the busy riding season.

organized horse tack

  1. Consider seasonality when organizing horse tack. If you use blankets for only three months of the year, you don’t need to trip over them for the other 75 percent of the time.
  2. If you have extra cinches, reins and gear for “just in case,” consider putting them in a plastic tub so they don’t accumulate dirt and grime while they wait their turn.
  3. Keep cleaning supplies someplace where they’re easy to find and access. You’re more likely to clean and oil your saddle if you don’t have to spend half a day looking for saddle soap. The same with a broom and dustpan.
  4. Visit the dollar store for cheap containers that can help give everything a place to live. You can often find baskets, tubs and crates for just $1, so you can get one for brushes, one for currycombs, one for spray nozzles, one for hardware, etc. Plastic shoe containers with lids are fairly inexpensive at big box stores, and the added benefit of those is that the lid will keep the contents dust and moisture-free. Before you go to the store, though, look around your tack room and make a list of the things you would put in the tubs and crates you intend to buy to make sure you get the right number and the right size.
  5. Look at the space you have available and think beyond what you’ve always done and consider new arrangements. Would it make more sense to hang saddles on the wall than keeping them on saddle stands? Would a shelving unit or an inexpensive used cabinet be helpful? Do you need some counter space? Would wall space be better used for hanging saddles or shelving?
  6. Peruse Pinterest for ideas for inexpensive ways to add some order to your tack room chaos. Start by following us on Pinterest and checking out our “Organized Barn” board.
  7. Get a sturdy padlock and “keep out” sign for your newly-organized tack room.

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