Art of the Cowgirl

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A unique event is in the works in Phoenix, Arizona, in February that fine art-lovers, horsemanship-connoisseurs, avid- or hopeful-craftsman, and cowboys, cowgirls, and ranchers can’t miss. Art of the Cowgirl, slated for Feb. 8 to 10 at Corona Ranch, is designed by Tammy Pate.

Art of the Cowgirl

The idea stemmed from Tammy’s own quest for knowledge and experience about 20 to 25 years ago. When she and her husband Curt Pate were working on the Seiben Ranch, Tammy borrowed a leather sewing machine from Mike Ryan’s Boot Shop to finish a project. He told her he was five year behind on boot orders, and asked if he could mentor her so he could catch up.Art of the Cowgirl

“I built two pair for Curt to practice, then the third pair was for a client,” Tammy said. “That probably planted the seed of mentorship.”

After Curt’s career took off, Tammy continued to work for Mike for another five years, then proceeded to set up her own little shop with all used, ancient equipment. She has since mentored with Lisa Sorell, which prompted her to fulfill her desire to give back to the western world in the best way she could think how.

“For some reason, we’ve been so blessed,” Tammy said. “We’ve been trying to figure out a way to give back, and Curt’s whole career, except the past 15 years, was all horse expos before he went to cows.”

Tammy’s passion for art and horses turned into an event, at its helm, features a way for budding craftsman to interact one-on-one with Art of the Cowgirl’s Master Artists and vie for a chance to earn one of seven fellowships: Master Saddle Maker Nancy Martiny with Martiny Saddle Co.; Master Rawhide Braider & Horsehair Hitcher Teresa Black with Bill Black Custom Braiding; Master Engraver & Silversmith Amy Raymond with Raymond Silver Co.; Master Boot Maker Kelly Martin with Martin & Co.; Master Fine Artist Jan Mapes with Jan Mapes Fine Art; Master Photographer Constance Jaeggi with Constance Jaeggi Photography; Master Horsewoman Lee Smith with Lee Smith Horsemanship; and featured Guest Maker Trent Johnson with Greeley Hat Works.

Art of the Cowgirl

“The intent for the event is to really provide a venue to meet people and inspire one another. We created fellowships where we can pay the mentor, pay the materials, and pay for the person to learn,” Pate said. “If they go home and put that practice to use, Art of the Cowgirl can help them build a business.”

While the strength, talent, and abilities of women are the focus, men are more than welcome at the event.

“I think it’s very important that if a man is passionate, we need to honor and empower that as well,” Tammy said regarding men pursuing fellowships. Strong, united couples will be prevalent throughout the demonstrations as well, including Luke and Kelly Neubert and Reata Brannaman and Gabe Clark offering colt starting demonstrations.

Mesa Pate, Tammy’s daughter, has jumped on board the Art of the Cowgirl playing on her own strengths, organizing a horse sale with some of the finest steeds this side of the Mississippi and organizing an all-women ranch rodeo two days prior to the event, with the short go at the event.

“Mesa is just an incredible talent in a lot of ways,” Sophi Davis, Art of the Cowgirl’s fellowship director, said. “Mesa took the horse sale and ranch rodeo to another level. Mesa’s also doing a steer turning, open to men and women. We’re trying to work pretty hard to not feel like it’s a women’s only event.”

Art of the Cowgirl

Tickets are available through


“We want to keep it small, yet there’s so much there that it would be a shame if it wasn’t a sellout,” Davis said. “We embrace the cowgirl spirit, whether they’re in the boardroom or on the ranch, it’s all the same.”

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