A Windy Morning Ride.

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Here on the ranch, Saturdays start out like every other day; eggs in the frying pan and hot coffee before the husband pulls on some work-boots. He heads out to work, while I start scrubbing bathrooms and floors.
Today though, I pulled on some boots and went with him. He needed to ride through pairs, and I needed the practice. And the fresh air… there was a lot of fresh air today! The wind was blowing strongly and just got stronger as the morning progressed.

Running in the horses.

Running in the horses.

My man took the 4-wheeler to run the horses in, while I hooked up the horse-trailer. I parked the truck and trailer by the horse barn, then caught and saddled the dun horse. Cisco has been with us for years, and is one of the more trust-worthy horses we own. Great for the kids and the wife. 😉 He’s kinda tall and kinda hard to clamber onto, but he isn’t gonna do anything crazy.

Windy morning ride.

We drove out to the pasture and unloaded the horses. We rode out over the prairie together, walking through the bunches of cow-calf pairs; trotting in-between. We were checking for any sick ones… foot-rot, pink-eye, coughing, etc.
Now, I am not experienced with picking out a sick bovine, yet. I mean, if it’s next to death’s door, I might catch it. But I need a lot of practice. So I rode alongside my man and watched carefully for symptoms. Thankfully, they were all healthy. I enjoy riding up to a resting calf, and watching it hop up and survey me for a moment, then run off! Such cuties.Saturday morning ride.

My horse is a bit herd-bound, so when my man rode off to check a cow off by itself, Cisco wanted to trot along. He also didn’t enjoy when I rode away from his buddy and checked a few cows by myself. He kept turning to see his buddy, and trying to turn back. He listens pretty good, though, so I enjoy riding him.Saturday morning ride.


Sadly, by the end of the first pasture, I was exhausted, and the cold wind was giving me earache. I had to ride back to the truck and let my man finish the second pasture alone. Guess that’ll teach me to wear a scotch cap instead of my felt, next time! I am still recovering from illness, so I hope that over the next few months I will regain my strength. But it was a great morning! Riding with my man is a favorite way to spend the day.

Saturday morning ride.



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