A Nod is a Nod is a Nod

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A nod, can be so subtle with so many meanings.

Just the other day I was at The Adon Ranch, northwest of Gillette WY, where Don Hamm and his family ranch. I was helping gather, work their cows, sort off calves and ship.


I noticed how many different, drastically different, things a nod means. Just a slight down ward movement of a head, and sometimes just the eye movement can mean completely different things: open that gate, shut that gate, cull pen, bred pen, heifer, steer, tie the gate, run the calves around the barn, fill the pen with cows, dump the full pen, ride to the far end of the pasture, watch the lane, let the cows out…


Watching these cowboys who have neighbored for years and years work side by side, laughing and storytelling all the while subtly nodding to each other all day… jump on the 4 wheeler, go see if lunch is ready, turn off the water, shut the gate, open the gate, tie the gate…all with a nod!

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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