7 Things to keep in the tack room to simplify your life

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A few items in your barn or tack room can make life a little simpler, tidier and can help you be more prepared for whatever your horse kicks at you.

  1. Trash can and/or recycling containers– You’re more likely to actually throw something away if you don’t have to remind yourself to do it when you’re mostly thinking about heading to the house and thawing out your extremities.
  2. Baby wipes — Use them to wipe off your hands after you’re done cleaning the barn, wiping your face after the horse sneezes on you…You’ll know when the situation calls for baby wipes. Unfortunately, they turn into a brick when they’re frozen, so keep them where it’s warm.
  3. Calendar–Write down when you de-wormed, vaccinated, started different feed, etc. Write down farrier appointments and keep track of contacts in the calendar (like this one, featuring John Wayne). Unless you’re diligent about using an app on your smartphone, writing it down as it occurs or when you’re thinking about it will increase the likelihood that you’ll actually record these events. Besides, the physical act of turning a calendar page can help remind you that it really has been three months since the farrier was out.
  4. Light — You don’t have to rewire the barn (and if you do, make sure it’s done properly), but even a lamp with an extension cord or a battery-operated lamp can bring some light into those dark corners.
  5. Saddle blanket/pad racks — Hang rods on the wall so you have a place to keep your wet blankets that isn’t on top of your saddle.
  6. First aid kit— You probably have plenty of vet wrap and Banamine in your tack room, but how about band-aids, aspirin and tweezers? Quick tip–unused vaccine needles work much better than sewing needles or pocket knives for removing splinters.
  7. Mini-fridge— If you live near a college, you can usually buy them used in May pretty cheaply. Use it for medications that need to be refrigerated and for snacks, bottled water and frosty beverages.

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Posted in: Featured, Horse Care, Horse Supplies, Ranch Life

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