10 Things Every Ranch Kid Knows

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1) Water troughs make the best swimming pools.

The bigger the better, but a mineral tub will also do in a pinch. As long as it’s a container full of water placed in the front yard, it’ll make a good artificial swimming hole for a ranch kid plus a handful of friends.

2) It’s never too cold to play in the creek.

Mom will strongly disagree on this point, but pay her no mind. Her kids certainly don’t when she says “It’s 47 degrees, put your boots back on and get out of that water!”

3) Dad’s cowboy hat is the best toy ever.

He acts like he doesn’t want me to touch it and always mutters something about my ruining the shape, but then he hollers for Mom to get the camera when I put it on my head and smile real big.

4) It’s not a stock trailer; it’s a space ship that I use to rocket through outer space.

Except for when it’s a school bus. Or a camping tent. Or a three-bedroom house with two TVs, a kitchen and a microwave.

5) Horse feed tastes delicious.

I like the cubes the best. They are handy to hold in my little hand and gnaw on as I explore the barnyard. Other kids like alfalfa pellets better, and some prefer the sweet molasses taste of COB. It’s all personal preference.

6) To you, it’s just a hay stack. But to me, it’s a towering mountain.

And I must climb it and yell “King of the mountain!” at the top of my lungs while holding my fist triumphantly skyward and looking toward the heavens.

7) I get my daily dose of salt and minerals via the cow pasture.

Forget chewable Flinstones: salt blocks are where it’s at. You show me a ranch kid who doesn’t stick his tongue out and salivate when he sees a salt block, and I’ll show you someone who is bottling in his deepest desires.

8) Playing in the dirt is an essential part of childhood.

Mom actually agrees with me on this one. She says dirt is affordable, abundant, and washable, her three main requirements for children’s playthings.

9) It’s important to be nice to animals.

We live too far from town for organized playdates, so we can’t be picky about how many legs our playmates have. Barn cats, cow dogs, gentle horses and a couple mules can double as dragons, princesses and pirates when playing around the barn.

10) Always share your snacks with the barn cats.

Hey, they like goldfish, too, even in cracker form.

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Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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