Mommy, You Saved Me!

August 24, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

When my son was three, my husband and I took on a cattle contract. We had charge of about 4000 yearling steers and 750 mother cows. The yearlings were about evenly split between two summer leases 25 miles apart, and the cows were on the lease closest to our headquarters. We started early and quit […]

“Wild Cow” Hunt

August 6, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

It was late afternoon when I headed out to gather a single cow out of a pasture. The pasture had deep creek beds lined with willows and brush in many spots. The creek was nearly dry so the cow could very well be down in the channel out of sight. It was late summer, so […]

Electrolyte Lowdown

August 4, 2021
Jolyn Young

Electrolytes. They’ve been a mainstay buzzword for years in the performance horse world. Professional competitors smile at us from the pages of glossy magazines and attest to how much such-and-such brand has drastically improved their performance. Online ads tell us we need to give them to our equine partners in order for them to stay […]

Horse Tying Safety Tip

July 26, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

We’ve all done it. After a graphic illustration of why not to many years ago, though, I stopped doing it. Doing what? Tying a horse up with your back to it. Let me explain further. I see it often. Someone leads a horse up to a fence, trailer or a barn wall tie, with the […]

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics US Equestrian Team

July 20, 2021
Jolyn Young

It’s almost time for the 2021 Summer Olympics, officially called “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.” They were originally scheduled for last year, but cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic; hence the slightly confusing date in the name. Anyway, regardless of what year they’re known as and held in, it’s the Summer Games, so you know what […]

How To Hydrate

July 15, 2021
Jolyn Young

Temperatures are soaring, high temperature records are breaking, and the forecast is calling for many more weeks of hot weather before summer’s end. Active people like horse owners aren’t content to stay indoors until the weather cools down, so how can we safely enjoy outdoor activities? Hydration is one important piece of that puzzle. Drink […]

Don’t Drink The Water

July 9, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

My sister and I had the job every summer, of riding boglines and checking cattle and sheep. Dad usually had the boys, 0ne college age, the other in high school, in the hayfield or on the fencing projects, so it was usually just Linda and I. The two oldest kids were grown up and gone. […]

All Horse but No Kid Horse

July 3, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

The grand old gelding who had packed my son Colin for thousands of miles had died the winter before. We really needed to replace the old horse, and Colin, at four, wasn’t quite ready to take on just any horse on the place. Most of our horses were pretty hair triggered and would never be […]

Close Encounter of the Slithery Kind

July 1, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

The horse I’d caught was a broke mare, but she was kind of a flake at times. Cricket had, in the past, boogered at something as I was leading her and dragged me around, or, ran flat over the top of me. She wasn’t wild or spooky, really, just had her moments of having the […]

Use Leverage To Your Advantage

June 21, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

I’m on a lot of social media pages that concern stockmanship, horsemanship and livestock handling. I learn a great deal of new ways of doing things and enjoy seeing and learning how things are done other places. That said, I also see some things that make me scratch my head and wonder. One of those […]

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