Horsemanship Thoughts

December 26, 2018
Tristen Baroni

Today we are diving deep into the thoughts and philosophy on horsemanship, which you all know relates to so much more than horses, it really does relate to so many aspects in life. My main focus with this video is to help people help themselves, or if you are already helping yourself, helping others and […]

Lily and the Quarter Track

December 24, 2018
Jan Swan Wood

Many years ago, my son and I were moving a bunch of steers to a fresh pasture. My son was four years old and riding a borrowed horse due to his old partner having crossed over the divide the winter before. This borrowed horse was the top horse of our neighbors and they had graciously […]

Let Them Be Little

December 19, 2018
Savanna Simmons

My husband Boe and I got some really great advice from even before we had little kids, from Bryan Neubert. He said, “Take your kids off their horses before they say they’re done.” This is a really great way to instill, or keep, that love of horses in place. My kids, as I’m guessing Bryan’s […]

Building Confidence in a Young Horse

December 17, 2018
Jenn Zeller

When riding a green horse — or even 2 or 3 ride colt — outside for the first time, I have a few tips, for building confidence in that young horse and even in yourself.  We all know firsthand how overwhelming it can be, thinking about all the things that could go wrong on that […]

A Little Tarp Work

December 11, 2018
Jenn Zeller

Tarp work is one of the training tools that we feel is important in preparing a horse to be ridden. Here we show you how some of our ranch interns, utilize tarps on a couple of  2 year old geldings. This is to prepare them for the riding to come. As you’ll see there are […]

How To Work A Gate Horseback

December 9, 2018
Tristen Baroni

A horse that can work a gate well has been and always will be sought after. Operating a gate, working alleys, and cattle well are a sure way to get invited back to an event or get hired, depending on your position. The gate offers us a great opportunity to let our horses have a […]

Diamonds In The Desert Performance Horse Sale

November 30, 2018
Tiffany Schwenke

  Diamonds In The Desert Performance Horse Sale is a new and exciting sale!  The sale is happening in Las Vegas, Nevada during the WNFR at the Plaza Hotel, December 13th at 1pm! MM Auction Services, LLC owned and operated by high school rodeo sweethearts, Colby and Codi Gines of Powell, Wyoming are more than delighted […]

Housing Horses on the Rodeo Road

November 26, 2018
Jenn Zeller

I have spent plenty of time taking down, and setting up, small, electric (hot-wire), enclosures for my horses while on the rodeo road. They’re not entirely unhandy. My fencer is battery powered, lightweight, and small which makes it pretty easy to travel with. BUT… When I was at the WPRA World Finals in Texas last […]

Deworming The Difficult Horse

November 19, 2018
Tristen Baroni

Today we are covering deworming your horse and some methods you can use to handle the horse that can be difficult to deworm. The number one key for this to be a successful endeavor for both you and your horse is preparation. If you have a horse that you know is difficult (or you think […]

Tree Selfies; Cottonwood Creek Chronicles

November 17, 2018
Jan Swan Wood

Since late summer we have had some game cams up down along the creeks and in a couple of big draws on the place. Our deer hunter friend provided them and we were glad to put them up, being curious as to what we’d see of the wildlife that traverses those routes. We know there […]