May 25, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

It’s been a while since I reported in from this windy ridge. Time sure passes quickly, though life itself seems to crawl along in many ways. I was looking at branding pictures of cute little people on big horses, out helping on the ranch, riding with their folks, and learning the life they were born […]

Let’s Talk Chaffhaye

May 24, 2021
Jenn Zeller

I’ve been feeding Chaffhaye for almost a year now. Short of a catastrophic event, you’ll never find me without it on the ranch or the road ever again. It’s the HANDIEST forage to take on the road, and is  incredibly good for helping your horse’s digestive processes. Using Chaffhaye, I’ve cleared up ulcers in 3 […]

The Hardest of See-You-Laters

May 18, 2021
Jenn Zeller

I dropped everything on Wednesday May 5th, to take our 18 year old ranch stallion, Poco Tivio Pep (Chachi) to the vet. He couldn’t breathe. Fluid was running from his nose like water from a spout. By Tuesday evening, it was obvious he struggled to breath and realized we might be dealing with heaves. After […]

Boss of the Band

May 9, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

It was late spring and time to take some mares to a stud I’d raised and retained breedings to. I had chosen two grand old mares to take to him and one of them had a rather new foal at her side. I’d carefully loaded the old, crippled black mare Annie and her filly in […]

Western Wednesday

April 26, 2021
Jenn Zeller

It’s Wednesday and that means we get western! I mean if you don’t want to see images of cowboys and horses, by all means, feel free to move on. Otherwise…

Goosey Bulls

April 17, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

All winter we had kept the water tank full for the bulls in the bull pasture. When spring came and the ice went out on the dam, it was one more chore we were glad to stop having to attend to,what with calving and everything else to do, so we shut the tank off. On […]

A Thoroughly Imprinted Foal

April 5, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

Back in the years of having a band of broodmares, we actually had few foaling difficulties. One spring though, a big mare that I had raised and ridden for several years just refused to have her foal. The foal’s feet and muzzle would be out and as soon as the pressure of the chest coming […]


April 2, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

My hip had gotten progressively worse over the years from a horse wreck when I was young and limber. I still made a living on a horse, but it wasn’t getting easier. Getting on was a struggle as my right leg couldn’t bend “out” anymore, thus making it challenging to get it over the cantle […]

Making a Barrel Horse: Almont, ND Jackpot

March 30, 2021
Jenn Zeller

In my continuing series on making a barrel horse, I wanted to share my latest run. My mare is now 7, and we spent most of last year clocking in the 4D and 5D respectively. For those of you not in the world of barrel horses – that means she was running 2 – 2.5 […]

Fenchie Yicked Me!

March 28, 2021
Jan Swan Wood

The summer before had been a severe drought and dams were empty. Some spring rain, though not enough for runoff, had made the grass come on, so there was good grazing, but not a drop for livestock or anything else to drink. My folks had decided to rest their summer pasture when they found they […]