Featured Horse: 2010 Pony Mare “Jelly Bean”

June 3, 2020
Cavvy Savvy

“Jelly Bean” is a very classy little black and white paint mare. She is as sweet as she is cute! Jelly Bean is as gentle as they come. Nothing bothers this horse; not kids, dogs, gun shots, flags, ropes, the list goes on. She is such a versatile little horse (standing 13.3 HH and weighing […]

Featured Horse: 2014 AQHA Gelding “Festus”

June 3, 2020
Cavvy Savvy

“Festus” is a big, stout buttermilk Buckskin who stands 15.2HH. This guy weighing in at 1275 lbs has foot and bone to last a lifetime. He is conformationally very well put together. This guy can really ride around. Festus lopes collected circles, does flying lead changes, stops smooth, and turns around with ease. He stays […]

Building Confidence In Your Horse

May 31, 2020
Lynn Kohr

Building confidence in our horse is putting security into your program. Horses are all individuals and each have varying tolerance to change. Change for our horses causes them hardship. Change disrupts their daily routines and patterns. A disruption can be as slight as changing pastures, adjusting their bit, or adding a buddy to the trailer. […]

Feeding Horses

May 25, 2020
Lynn Kohr

There is a wealth of knowledge available for the intricate and specific needs of many horses along many diverse and particular nutritional circumstances. For these situations, visit with your veterinarian, your feed store and your nutritional expert. This article is our basic and humble feeding program, applying to our wide range of horses; ranging for […]

A Covid-Free Branding

May 22, 2020
Jolyn Young

My cowboy husband, Jim, has been busy branding calves at various ranches this spring while I have been holding down the home place with our three small kids. He day works to pay our bills, and the idea was for me to stay home and shuttle our first grader back and forth to elementary school. […]

Feeding with Hay Nets

May 20, 2020
Lynn Kohr

We visited this subject a few years ago when feeding with hay nets was discovered to greatly save on wastage while monitoring hay consumption (with overweight, older and Crones susceptible horses in mind.) Since then, I had special hay feeders made that I alone, can quickly and easily load a round bale into safely. We […]


May 17, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

The dust and grime on my saddle finally got to me bad enough that I spent some time getting it cleaned up and put back in good condition a week or so ago. I had to strip all of the extra gear off of it before I could start, which included a rope, breast collar […]

Horse Vaccination Protocol

May 15, 2020
Lynn Kohr

Along with a plan for deworming your horses there is also a vaccination protocol recommended by Marshall T Kohr, DVM, at Animal Medical Center of Wyoming. Here are the Spring Vaccinations that every horse should have: Rabies Rabies is a constant threat to horses and their owners. The frequency of the disease is low, however, […]

How To Ride With Kids

May 13, 2020
Jolyn Young

I agonized over how to ride my horse when my first baby was born. Finding the time to catch, saddle, and ride a horse with a baby (or toddler) in tow proved to be one of the most difficult aspects of ranch motherhood for me. I loved to ride and wanted to continue that aspect […]

The Dun and the Grey

May 11, 2020
Mykal Kirkpatrick

Who could have ever predicted that we would see the impacts of COVID-19 in our lifetime?  It has affected our social lives, financial security, food securities, educational systems, and our family life.  For my family and many other ranching families, we choose to try to find the blessings from within.  In particular, both of our kids are home from […]