Racehorse to Ranch Horse: Part 3; First Outside Ride

July 17, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

I gave my newly acquired California racehorse a week or so to get adjusted to her new climate and location. She never got so much as a sniffle from being moved to such extreme weather, and adapted to her new home quickly. She was interested in everything that went on around her and had gotten […]

Parade Ponies

July 9, 2020
Jolyn Young

I LOVE small town parades, probably because I grew up participating in my hometown’s annual Christmas parade. I usually walked or rode on a float with our 4-H group. I loved wearing a costume that fit with the overall theme; hearing the announcer calling each entry’s name; seeing the other entries’ decorations; waving at spectators, […]

Cell Phone Safety Tip

July 7, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

Most of us carry a cell phone these days. I know a few holdouts who do not, either because they don’t like having one or they live somewhere where having one is pointless. But, for those of us who usually carry our phones with us, I am going to give you a point to ponder. […]

Little Lessons

June 29, 2020
Jolyn Young

When we first transitioned from living on big outfits to buying our little place a few miles from a small town, I worried a bit about the kids. Sure, expanding their opportunities was a huge factor in our decision to make the leap; we wanted them to be able to attend public school, play t-ball, […]

Quick Jalapeno Poppers

June 25, 2020
Jessie Salter

You’ll love this recipe for quick jalapeno poppers. If you are like us in the spring and summer, the long daylight hours and comfortable weather keep us away from the house all day. Often I look at my watch and Oh No! Dinner time!  This evening we decided to go with these quick appetizers, and […]

Behind the Scenes of a Wagon Camp

June 23, 2020
Jolyn Young

Have you ever wondered what it was like to camp out on the wagon with the cowboy crew? Well, here’s how you can replicate the experience at home: Throw out all your food except canned goods and beef. You can keep a few other pantry staples, such as flour and sugar, but say good-bye to […]

Rodeo Season

June 19, 2020
Jolyn Young

So far, the rodeo scene for 2020 has been pretty quiet. Due to bans on large events prompted by the spread of the new coronavirus, both pro and ranch rodeos were canceled across the nation for most of the spring run. But, restrictions on large public gatherings are now lifting and rodeos are resuming for the […]

DIY Fly Sheet Repair

June 17, 2020
Lynn Kohr

It is already hot and dry here in Gillette, Wyoming. Warm summer temperatures and rain (even a little) means fly season. Our horses are kicking and running from the few flies that are out. We decided it was time to pull out the fly sheets and try to give these horses a little relief. I’m sure […]

DIY Portable Stall Fronts and Mats

June 10, 2020
Lynn Kohr

Picture this, 2000 miles from home. Your FAVORITE rodeo horse is lathered, pacing, dehydrated, NOT going to give up the panic. He is in a stall where he cannot see out, it is 100 degrees and 100% humidity. These are tough conditions for a positive outcome. Here is what we came up with!   Hang […]

Featured Horse: 6 yr old Gelding

June 3, 2020
Cavvy Savvy

  Pistol will stand 15hh and weigh 1250 lbs.  This gelding has been used extensively around the ranch and knows an honest days work.  He as a nice snappy walk outside and has never offered to be cinchy or mean.  Pistol has run close to 200 steers both heading and heeling and should make a […]