The Perfect Gift

March 9, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

When my son Colin was a boy, he worked beside me every day, no matter what I was doing. He started drawing a paycheck dayworking horseback when he was about seven years old. He didn’t get a check because he was a cute kid, though he was, but because he was good help and would […]

Alternate Rope Halter Knot

March 2, 2020
Jenn Zeller

If you struggle with a horse that sits or pulls back, and enjoy using your rope halter, but hate undoing the knot after they struggle, this is the solution. I can’t believe I’ve gone 4 decades on this earth not knowing about this knot. Here is a photo of the knot: Have you tied your […]

On The Job Colt Training

February 26, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

The first day on the job on any outfit is always kind of exciting, kind of scary. You’re in new country, new people to work with, and on a cowboy job, a new string of horses to get to know. My new string of horses on the New Mexico ranch I’d just signed on to […]

Form to Function Conformation: Part 3, Body

February 23, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

Now that we’ve covered the head/neck and legs/feet aspects of form to function conformation, we will finish out this three part series by talking about the horse’s body from shoulders to tail head, and topline to elbow, stifle and belly. Since the performance horse was meant to be ridden, a pretty important part of the […]

A Bay Horse by the Numbers

February 21, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

I was getting some groceries the other day and ran into an old friend of many years. Back when I was about 18 I was working for an outfit that ran yearlings all over the country. I was taking care of a big jag of both steers and feeder heifers and this man was my […]

Predator Hunting History; Wolves

February 19, 2020
Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

Francis and Violet Sedgwick were as addicted as Mike Coy and many others to running coyotes horseback with hounds; and had the territory, hounds and horses to produce success. Many happy hours were spent enjoying the sport together, and their friendly, gregarious hounds were part of the family. According to Mom’s memories growing-up in the […]

Top Three Ranch Tack Finds

February 17, 2020
Kristen Schurr

  When it comes to riding on the ranch you need to be equipped with the best quality products that can withstand the countless miles and hard work you put in year after year. Here are a few go-to products that not only hold up to daily ranch work but are also true cowboy masterpieces! […]

Dragging a Log with Purpose in Mind

February 15, 2020
Tristen Baroni

Using ropes and dragging logs is a great way to educate your horses and prepare them for future situations or career paths. I personally find it entertaining because I try and imagine a working scenario in my mind. You may see me dragging a log and you wouldn’t be wrong, but what I’m seeing is […]

Pilot and the Pool Party

February 13, 2020
Jan Swan Wood

A long time ago I was in the market for a young gelding. I had summer herd cattle to ride on later in the season, so while at a horse sale the end of January, I bought a gorgeous black Thoroughbred gelding. He had been in training on the track and was a three year […]

Predator Hunting History; Coyotes Part 2

February 11, 2020
Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns

Many early settlers in Northeastern Wyoming ran sheep, shearing and lambing in late spring. They suffered devastating financial loss as lambs (even ewes ripped asunder while giving birth) fed starving coyotes. Most mama cows still wore horns, yet their helpless calves frequently fell prey to the predator striving to feed it’s own young. In that […]