Singing Colorado Cowgirl, Caitlyn Taussig

June 14, 2018
Tiffany Schwenke

Deep in the Colorado countryside there is a beautiful lady who has found herself and her song amongst the cattle, the horses, and the wildlife that roam her family’s ranch. Caitlyn Taussig has been inspired by all that surrounds her on both the rolling hills and high in the summer mountain pastures that her family’s cattle […]

Cottonwood Creek Chronicles: You’ve Gotta Be Tough to Be a Cowboy

June 12, 2018
Jan Swan Wood

Those of you who live the cowboy and ranching life know that there’s a lot more to it than what they put on the cover of magazines. It can be beautiful and rewarding, yes, but it can also be hard and miserable at times. My little grandsons, ages six and seven, are staying for part […]

Tribute to the Rancher

June 7, 2018
Jenn Zeller

In the Spring the sleep is scarce. Heifers calving, take so much care.   Daylight comes and pairs go out, Through pastures green, calves run about.   Spring rains bring muddy days Plans delayed to when skies aren’t gray.   Neighbors call, they need your help — The tractor is stuck, the pickup sunk.   […]

Wyoming Cowgirl – Skye Glick

June 5, 2018
Tiffany Schwenke

Wyoming Cowgirls have to multi-task and need to know how to handle many jobs simultaneously. Wyoming Cowgirl, Skye Glick, stays plenty busy with her family, their ranching lifestyle, and a job in town. Like many ranching families, one family member sacrificing their time to a town job is often essential to provide the ever more […]

Continued Story of Wyoming Cowgirl- Jessie Allen

May 31, 2018
Tiffany Schwenke

Continued from previous article- Wyoming Cowgirl – Jessie Allen. Wyoming Cowgirl,  Jessie Allen, was kind enough to share a writing of her’s about a day in the life of a Wyoming Woman, being a big game hunting guide. A Wyoming Woman One of the most nerve-wracking moments as a hunting guide is introducing myself to […]

Cottonwood Creek Chronicles: At War With A Weed

May 30, 2018
Jan Swan Wood

You know how when you’re doing something else, but see a coyote, and then you’re coyote hunting? That is not the only time something like that happens.I was out tagging calves yesterday and while driving across the pasture, I glanced at the ground outside the pickup window and gasped at what I saw growing there […]

Wyoming Cowgirl – Jessie Allen

May 29, 2018
Tiffany Schwenke

All Wyoming Cowgirls have their own story. They come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, they have many similar characteristics such as a genuine sincerity, love for the outdoors, and a heartfelt respect for animals. Jessie Allen is a Wyoming Cowgirl who represented what a Wyoming Cowgirl is and stands for on a national stage. Jessie […]

Featured Horse for Sale: Frenchmans Guy Grandson

May 27, 2018
Sales Staff

2008 Frenchmans Guy Grandson BB Jets Classic is consignment number 12 in the 9th Annual Full House Elite Performance Stock Horse Sale June 16 at the Weston County Fairgrounds in Newcastle, Wyoming. He’s a 10 year old Palomino gelding owned by JD Williams. Goldwing is all his papers indicate—friendly, smart, talented. Very quick to learn […]

Cottonwood Creek Chronicles: Bats In My Belfry

May 25, 2018
Jan Swan Wood

I have bats in my attic. For anyone who knows me well, the idea of “bats in my belfry” isn’t hard to swallow. But seriously, I do have bats in the crawl space above my entryway and dining room. Probably not that many of them, but when one has any, it’s plenty. Every morning as […]

Life in the Branding Pen

May 22, 2018
Jenn Zeller

It’s that time of year in ranch country — the time when calves are castrated, branded (for identification purposes), and given their first round of vaccinations. It’s pretty much everyone’s favorite time of year. You get to visit your neighbors, eat good food, and put in an honest days’ work. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Life […]

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