Life in the Branding Pen

May 22
Jenn Zeller

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Life in the Branding Pen

May 22, 2018
Jenn Zeller

It’s that time of year in ranch country — the time when caves are castrated, branded (for identification purposes), and given their first round of vaccinations. It’s pretty much everyone’s favorite time of year. You get to visit your neighbors, eat good food, and put in an honest days’ work. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Life […]

Like a Little Boy on a Pony: Photo Gallery

May 20, 2018
Savanna Simmons

We spent the morning of siblings day brushing, loving on, and riding our fantastic, patient Sparky pony. Now, we didn’t wake up and say, “Hey! It’s siblings day, let’s do something fun!” We just knew it was warm weather and a lovely morning to be together, and what better adventure than saddling up the pony […]

Support your Local Cowpuncher: Q and A

May 17, 2018
Savanna Simmons

Daron Little’s latest release begs for listeners to do one simple thing: Support your Local Cowpuncher. Quite the musician, cowboy, and singer, Daron is a regular cowpuncher living on Elk Mountain in Wyoming. His guitar playing is entrancing and his lyrics encourage toe-tapping. I had hoped to get to know Daron a little better, so […]

Pets Are So Relaxing?

May 15, 2018
Jan Swan Wood

Pets are so relaxing. At least that’s what people say. One has the image of a serene feline draped gently across the lap, purring and content. On the floor, lying politely at the feet is the faithful dog, gazing up adoringly, waiting patiently for the person to get up and go about business that the […]

Create a Walking Horse

May 13, 2018
Savanna Simmons

I feel as though I am always jogging my horse to keep up with my husband’s walking horse when we’re riding together. For those times when a long trot isn’t necessary—for saving one’s horse, enjoying the territory, or when going a not-so-far distance—a nice walk suffices. My husband isn’t into the slow jaunt, he is […]