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Smokie Brannaman on Keeping Confidence

November 12, 2018
Savanna Simmons

Following parts one and two on lacking and building confidence. Once you find a horse that you feel you can trust, work slowly. Become comfortable on the ground, and use groundwork to establish some commands that will be needed once you’re in the saddle. Then keep layering on a little more each time. “Push a […]

Jake Zielke – The Lost Cowboy- Part 1 – Australia

November 10, 2018
Tiffany Schwenke

Being adventurous and working with livestock all around the world is something most people dream about, but Jake Zielke has made it into a reality. Join along with us as we tell about his adventures in this series; Jake Zielke- The Lost Cowboy. Australia “This is where you get out.” The pilot said as he […]

Preparing Your Horse To Stand

November 8, 2018
Tristen Baroni

When preparing your horse to stand, use this as a guide to what the hard to mount horse is thinking. If you have a horse that gets disgruntled, agitated, or scared when you go to mount, this will help you along the path of making that a distant memory. Our main goal when mounting our […]

Smokie Brannaman on Building Confidence

November 2, 2018
Savanna Simmons

Following part 1 on lacking confidence. “A lot of folks will say just climb back on, you’ll get over it,” Smokie said, “But you have to back up and think of things differently. Sometimes you have to start yourself over with a horse. Find a horse that is trustworthy, one that can help you out […]

Training with Tristen Baroni: Working through pull back

October 29, 2018
Tristen Baroni

Is your horse pulling back? Feet feeling sticky when you go to lead him off? The key to this is slow and steady, as well as having a reliable horse to operate off of. A few things to be aware of when working on this are- First, it’s not a pulling contest. If you treat […]