My Saddle

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my saddle

Yesterday I hung my saddle on the yard fence and started stripping all of the “extra” stuff off of it. Rope, hobbles, boottop bag with it’s fencing pliers and goodies, tie down rope, gloves, breast collar, even cinches.

As I was doing it, I was thinking back over everywhere that saddle and I have been together. It’s worked in New Mexico, Nebraska, several places in Wyoming, and many places in South Dakota.

It’s been on everything from narrow little two year olds to the powerful, mature big horses I prefer. It’s never failed me. Never marked a horse, never came apart when I roped something, been comfortable for my butt and my horses’ backs all these years. I won’t say it doesn’t leak out the top, as I have certainly failed to make some bronc rides in it, but I sure don’t blame it.
Today, I will take it to the fine craftsman who built it for me way-back-when, and he’ll do some work on it for me. Just time and wear stuff, nothing big. We’ll have us a good visit and laugh together, just as we always have. I sure treasure that saddle and our history together. I also treasure the friendship with that master saddlemaker and his lovely wife. Good saddles and real friends just get better with age.

Posted in: Featured, Ranch Life

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