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Roping Horses’ Feet

July 14, 2017
Savanna Simmons

Roping horses’ feet, primarily colts, can be a fantastic tool benefitting many aspects of your horse’s mind and manners. Some horses react minimally to having feet roped, others can be quite dramatic, but both types can benefit from having their feet and legs worked with. First, roping horses’ feet encourages them to yield on a […]

Branding: More than Just a Job to do

June 18, 2017
Savanna Simmons

I was invited to photograph our friend the Wasserburger’s branding a few weeks ago, and I jumped at the chance immediately. There are so many good moments to soak in at brandings from a cowboy perspective: those neat horses like that of our friend and coworker Clay Ashurst’s Tebow, that daintily slinks through the herd […]

Properly Storing Horse Gear: Part 2

June 13, 2017
Savanna Simmons

Properly storing gear prolongs its lifespan and allows it to work for you for a long time. When using natural materials, like mohair cinches, wool pads, and horsehair mecates and get-downs, letting the fibers dry in the same shape as you would use them on your horse can extend the life and improve usability.   Related […]

Avoid Fraud while Selling Horses

May 30, 2017
Savanna Simmons

Identity and monetary fraud is a battle in our current technology-filled world and while certain methods of payment are safer, such as PayPal and money orders, there are still ways in which one can be duped, especially while selling horses. My husband and I don’t sell many horses, yet we were still the almost-victims of […]

Top 7 Horse Songs That Aren’t About Horses

May 12, 2017
Jolyn Young

There are scads of songs devoted to our equine companions, and dozens more that mention horses as some part of a theme. Here are a few of the catchiest horse songs that aren’t about horses. 1)White Horse by Laid Back, 1984 In this funky tune, the singers encourage listeners to not ride the white horse. […]

Featured Horse Event: Double J Horse Sale

May 9, 2017
Sales Staff

Double J Horse Sales: Spring 2017 All Breeds Consignment Sale Double J Horse Sales All Breeds Consigment sale is held every spring and fall at Dickinson, ND at Stockmen’s Livestock. They take consignments for all horses. Their mission is to have great horses consigned to this sale and bring many buyers in to get the […]

How to tie an Alamar Knot

April 27, 2017
Savanna Simmons

The alamar knot is one of the prettiest I know and is commonly seen among buckaroo crowds. It is used as a way to tie your get-down rope on a horse that is straight up in the bridle. The entire length of your rope can be tied into the alamar knot, or if there is slack […]

I Miss The Mystery

April 25, 2017
Tayler Teichert

In all my years of dating, my sister told me to maintain a little bit of mystery. Don’t let your date know everything about you right off the bat – make them wonder. They will get bored if they feel like they aren’t learning anything new, so don’t tell all your secrets on the first […]

Traditional Bridle Horse Wither Marks

April 19, 2017
Jan Swan Wood

The old California tradition of the development of a horse from snaffle or hackamore to the classic bridle horse has spread over the west until one is liable to see the horse being ridden with a spade, half breed, or similar bit, rawhide reins and romal, and under-bosal and mecate lead most anywhere, from Oregon […]

Starting a working dog with Robin Brown

April 15, 2017
Savanna Simmons

Robin Brown, of Broken Circle Stock Dogs of Mesa, Idaho, raises and trains some of the finest working dogs. She uses them first for practical application on the ranch and also in a showing capacity. She travels the country offering clinics and lessons, and I had the opportunity to pick her brain about starting working […]