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Introducing a New Horse to the Herd

March 18, 2015
Jessie Salter

How do you go about introducing a new horse to the herd? I spend a lot of time watching how my horses interact with each other. Often I have a horse in the group that I know is assertive, but not mean.  Or one that is great about protecting the youngsters.  I also have ones […]

Soft Eye, Soft Feel, Soft Feet; Part 1 in Balanced Horse Balanced Ride

March 11, 2015
Lynn Kohr

A horse’s eye tells his story…where there is a soft look, he is content and light to handle, and his feet move easily and evenly. An eye with a strained, concerned, difficult appearance has sticky, glued to the ground feet that have rigidity to their move. Taking the lead rope in hand, can you just […]

Take Our Cavvy Savvy Survey and Enter to Win Stetson Apparel and Boots

March 2, 2015
Jessie Salter

Take our survey and enter to win Stetson Apparel and Boots!!!! Cavvy Savvy would like to hear from you! We want to know more about you, what you like about us, and what we can do better. We are a sister company to Tri-State Livestock News and our goal is to provide information on all […]

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