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Motivational Quotes For Horse People

July 22, 2017
Jolyn Young

Sometimes, a person gets stuck in a rut when working with his or her horse. When your horsemanship (or just your state of mind regarding your horsemanship) is down in the dumps, it’s helpful to pump yourself up with a few motivational quotes. Here are some of my favorite lines to get stuck in my […]

Helping a Head-Shy Horse

July 20, 2017
Savanna Simmons

Meet Leroy. Leroy is head-shy, and in particular, ear-shy. He is the type of horse that isn’t crazy about human contact, but isn’t aggressive. This has more to do with his personality than anything in his past, to my knowledge and based on watching him. Leroy, as you can imagine, is also hard to catch […]

Hobble Training

July 18, 2017
Jenn Zeller

Hobble training a horse is a pretty handy tool in a cowhand’s arsenal! So, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you, how you might go about getting a horse good to be hobbled. It isn’t just for cow-ponies and ranch hands. Having a horse that can quietly stand hobbled, is a way […]

Roping Horses’ Feet

July 14, 2017
Savanna Simmons

Roping horses’ feet, primarily colts, can be a fantastic tool benefitting many aspects of your horse’s mind and manners. Some horses react minimally to having feet roped, others can be quite dramatic, but both types can benefit from having their feet and legs worked with. First, roping horses’ feet encourages them to yield on a […]

Cowboy Skill: Nose Bags

July 12, 2017
Jolyn Young

Using nose bags can be a handy way to grain your horse. It also helps get him sacked out and more gentle, because he won’t be too wild and head-shy after he learns to like having a bag filled with grain tied to his face. To nose bag a horse (or a corral full, in […]

Ponying Your Horse

July 2, 2017
Jolyn Young

Ponying your horse or leading a horse from the back of another horse is a useful skill for both horses and the rider. Your ability to lead a horse while riding one, as well as the horse’s ability to be led from a rider, can come in handy in unexpected ways. If another horse gets […]

Horsewoman, Know Thyself

June 25, 2017
Jolyn Young

“Who do you think you are, Clint Eastwood?” I stopped walking across the round pen toward the stud colt I was starting and looked up at Ben. “What?” “You’re walking like you’re all big and tough,” the horse trainer replied. I hadn’t realized that I had drawn myself up to my full height (5’5″ with […]

Catching the Hard to Catch Horse

June 24, 2017
Jenn Zeller

It seems like at least once a week, something pops up in my Facebook News Feed about someone having trouble catching their horse. I’ve been there too, no doubt. But, I’ve also learned a few things between the time that I was there, and now, that have enabled me to catch whatever horse I want […]

Branding: More than Just a Job to do

June 18, 2017
Savanna Simmons

I was invited to photograph our friend the Wasserburger’s branding a few weeks ago, and I jumped at the chance immediately. There are so many good moments to soak in at brandings from a cowboy perspective: those neat horses like that of our friend and coworker Clay Ashurst’s Tebow, that daintily slinks through the herd […]

Getting a Horse Ready to Bridle

June 14, 2017
Jenn Zeller

Here is a quick tip for getting your horse ready for a bridle. We like to make it their idea to take the bit. This horse now, practically grabs the bit out of your hands and puts it in his mouth. I like having a willing partner. Do you? Happy Trails!

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