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Barn or Tack Room Makeover: Part 1 — clean it up

February 9, 2017
Maria Tibbetts

The barn or tack room can sometimes feel like the place where old tack goes to die and be eaten by mice, rather than the place you keep your expensive, performance-enhancing tack and equipment. Who doesn’t love to walk into the tack room and shove aside dusty, hay-covered halters that haven’t been on a horse […]

What’s in Your Horse’s Feed?

December 30, 2016
Jenn Zeller

This week, we cover some important information regarding what’s in your horse’s feed. I was fortunate enough to meet Jessica Drexler*, with Triple Crown Feed, at a barrel race this past fall, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions not only about their feed, but about feeding horses in general. What is […]

Buckaroo Buys: Cielo Cinches

November 16, 2016
Savanna Simmons

Skye Mesa Ogilvie is the creative hand behind Cielo Cinches, located in Hot Springs, South Dakota. (Cielo is Spanish for sky.) While I don’t have any of the items she has made, I have seen her work first-hand at several ranch rodeos where she has generously donated handcrafted cinches. She makes 17- and 27-strand cinches […]

Side Pulls, Hackamores, Rope Nose-band Hackamores

November 8, 2016
Lynn Kohr

Side pulls, hackamores, rope nose-band hackamores…It might be time to make a change if your horse gets uncomfortable with his bit.  First, lets ask what would cause your horse to suddenly be uncomfortable with his once favorite bit? These are the top three major causes for definite and sometimes dramatic changes in your horse’s demeanor […]

Buckaroo Buys: KAW Rawhide and Steel

October 28, 2016
Savanna Simmons

Kevin Willey, of KAW Rawhide and Steel in Sheridan, Wyoming, is a decade-long friend of ours and probably the most talented artist friend of ours. He is a master of rawhide and steel, particularly damascus. He blazes his own trail in regard to how he operates and creates, and while his products are not at […]

Buckaroo Buys: The Colorful Cowgirl

October 15, 2016
Savanna Simmons

I am a collector of all things beautiful. I generally don’t care for trade-show bits or manufactured saddles. Ok, ok, I’m a bit of a snob. But we don’t have endless amounts of tack like this, just an occasional larger purchase for anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas. Or a must-have once in a while when we see something and […]

A Quick Release

August 28, 2016
Jenn Zeller

I have very few pet peeves in my life, but seeing halters still tied, and dangling from a fence post or trailer just wears me out. This is a little trick I learned when I got to the ranch in 2008 and now I’m sharing it with you. This quick release halter tie, isn’t the […]

Baby, Wear Your Helmet

July 9, 2016
by Savanna Simmons

I’m not one of those who pushes the use of a helmet. In fact, I don’t wear one when I head out a-horseback. When my two-year-old rides though, he does, but he won’t forever. It is a fairly common occurrence on the ranch for youngsters to ride while still in diapers. At two-and-a-half, my son Brindle […]

An Interview with Sherry Cervi

July 3, 2016
Jenn Zeller

I’m really loving the new video series, Rodeo Sports Promotions, put out by Pro Fantasy Rodeo and K.C. Jones. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting K.C. on a few occasions, and when I lived in Texas I got to know his wife Gayle. They’re two of the nicest folks you could ever hope to know! […]

Junk In My Trunk

March 18, 2016
Tayler Teichert

In my Cowboy Gypsy post we discussed what it’s like to be a modern day wandering ranch hand. All of your belongings take up a lot of room in the process of moving.  In this post we are going to discuss the “essential” belongings to take with you when going to day work somewhere where […]