All In A Day’s Work for Rodeo Parents

October 1, 2017
Lynn Kohr

All in a day’s work…High of 43 degrees today, raining off and on, tired wet and cold. We are just getting home from a weekend of High School rodeoing in Wheatland, WY.  Although thankful for the rain and moisture as our state is horribly dry, my thanks run thin as I am on hands and […]

Weaning Colts Part 3; Wardell Quarter Horses

September 28, 2017
Lynn Kohr

In Moorcroft WY, Cheri Wardell, owner of Half Fast Race Horses and Wardell Quarter Horses gives us her valuable and well tested knowledge of weaning colts.   All foals should be gentle, well-handled, and broke to lead before weaning. I usually wean at 4-5 months depending on number of foals to wean. I like to […]

Wyoming Cowboy Hall Of Fame

September 26, 2017
Tiffany Schwenke

Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization with purposes that are exclusively historical, cultural, literary and educational.  WCHF’s chief goal is:  “To preserve, promote, perpetuate, publish and document Wyoming’s rich working cowboy and ranching history through researching, profiling and honoring individuals who broke the first trails and introduced that culture to this state.  WCHF […]

Bullracks and Memories

September 23, 2017
Jan Swan Wood

There are things that can take one back in time in an instant. Whether it’s a sight, smell, or sound, our memories take us right back to those moments in time that are deeply ingrained in our very being. One of those things for me is bull racks. Not just the random one going down […]

Potential Danger of Horse Hair

September 21, 2017

In a press release today, the National Institute of Health has announced the discovery of a potentially dangerous substance in the hair of horses. This substance, called “amo-bacter equuii” has been linked with the following symptoms in female humans: Reluctance to cook Reluctance to perform housework Reluctance to wear anything but boots Reluctance to work […]

Weaning Colts Part 2: The Wilson Ranch

September 21, 2017
Lynn Kohr

Clara Wilson of The Wilson Ranch, founded in 1908, Newcastle WY, shares with us her knowledge from many years of raising and weaning colts. We feed the mares some grain while the colts are still on their sides, so the colts already know what oats are, and they have a round bale available all of the […]

Weaning Colts Part 1; Veterinarian Interview

September 19, 2017
Lynn Kohr

As Fall is just around the corner, my thoughts turn to weaning colts. At what age do you wean colts? What vaccines? Deworming? What’s the best way to wean a colt? I asked my favorite veterinarian and husband, Dr. Marshall Kohr from Gillette, Wyoming’s Animal Medical Center and several breeders these same questions. In the […]

Ride and Shine Assisted Equine Therapy

September 18, 2017
Tiffany Schwenke

Ride and Shine Assisted Equine Therapy is a program designed to help people overcome disabilities while having fun horseback. The creator of this special program is a kind-hearted horseman named Kelly Stone of Gillette, WY. Kelly has been developing his skills with horses for many years. The horses used in his Ride and Shine Assisted Equine […]

Clay Ashurst Benefit Concert, Lusk, Wyoming

September 15, 2017
Savanna Simmons

I wrote a blog about a few weeks ago about Clay Ashurst’s accident, a bit of his progress, and ways to help the family (see below). While the auction closed at the end of last month, there are still ways to help this cowboy family, and if you’re in the Lusk, Wyoming area, the Clay […]

Fall Work is Here!

September 13, 2017
Jenn Zeller

I think Fall is the best season of them all. It comes with cooler mornings, less bugs, and the riding that comes with preconditioning and shipping season makes for fun days. I thought I’d share a few of the fall work views I’ve had the past couple of weeks in case you’re stuck in an […]